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 Great Love Making Positions

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DESCRIPTION: Great Love Making Positions

An exhaustive and fully descriptive collection of all the possible sex positions and styles with color pictures. Includes positions for pregnant women, gay and lesbian couples, anal sex and other great sex positions.


PREVIEW: Beginning of Extract from Indiadiets® Downloadable "Great Love making Positions".

". . . . . GREAT LOVE MAKING POSITIONS: Over the centuries various sexual positions (ways in which couples physically position themselves for sexual intercourse) have been used. In ancient texts it reveals that it was an art form among certain cultures, as in the Indian Kama Sutra and Arabic Perfumed Garden.

There are many sexual positions which are mostly variations on a few basic positions. As with any other desire you have to find the positions that are most enjoyable to you and your partner. Everybody's needs are different. Some couples are very innovative, some prefer the standard missionary position (man-on-top). The aim of lovemaking, however, should be measured by fulfillment and satisfaction for both partners.

The sexual positions a couple uses depends on a variety of factors:

  • physical comfort
  • inhibitions about experimenting with different positions
  • prolonging or hastening orgasm may determine the position
  • circumstances, such as time available, location, etc.)
  • may find one position more satisfying
  • Contents:


Different Sex Positions (with pictures)


Positions for pregnancy


Homosexual Sex Positions


Some Sexual Positions are:

  • Man-on-top (missionary position)
  • Woman-on-top
  • Side-by-side
  • Rear-entry
  • Spread-eagle
  • Leapfrog Position
  • Cross Position
  • Cuissade Position
  • Armchair Position
  • Furniture Position
  • Head to toe
  • Lap Dance
  • Split level Position
  • Spoon Position
  • Standing Position
  • Standing and Carrying Position
  • Swimming Position
  • Spontaneous Position
  • Anal intercourse (practiced by some heterosexual couples and some gay men) .....

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