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Faking Orgasm
There is such a heavy emphasis on orgasm during sex that many people believe that if their partner doesn't have an orgasm, the sex wasn't good. In fact, some men and women think they have to generate not one but multiple orgasms for their partner each time they have sex. And the orgasms have to be quick and loud, so that they can feel good about themselves and their sexual prowess.


When a woman's partner is a man, it is physiologically easier for them (the man) to orgasm -- it takes much less time, and intercourse is designed to stimulate the male sexual organ. It takes women longer to lubricate, engorge, and release, and it takes some extra manual or oral stimulation. In order to make their men rest easy, many women do fake those quick, noisy orgasms that the guys often seem to want.

So, how do you know if a woman's faking it or not?

Ask her -- just not while she's in the throes of passion or right after you've made love. Ask her at a neutral time, when you both are feeling relaxed and good about the relationship. Ask her if she's ever felt pressured to fake an orgasm.

If she says yes, ask her about the circumstances surrounding it. This is a great opportunity for to find out what she likes in bed and to let her know if there's anything you'd like to be different, too. There's a good chance that your sex life will improve significantly from the discussion.

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