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What is an Orgasm?

Enough stimulation of or around a woman's clitoris causes pelvic fullness and body tension to build up. (Some women also respond to stimulation of their G-spot.) Orgasm is the point at which all the tension is suddenly released in a series of involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions. Women feel the contractions in their vagina, uterus and/or rectum, although some women describe orgasms without any contractions at all.


Women have compared their orgasms to a mild hiccup, a sneeze, or a sigh. They've also been described in terms of ocean waves, and with adjectives such as sensuous, intense, and ecstatic. Of course, each orgasm depends on the particular woman at the particular time. The same woman can experience many different types of climax. For instance, orgasm can feel different with a finger, penis, dildo or vibrator in the vagina, and different when a woman masturbates than when she's having partner sex.

There are many variations of a woman's orgasm, and a wide range of accompanying feelings. What works, what feels good, and what is satisfying for a woman at any given moment is what counts.

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