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The Guide to Women's Orgasm

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Vaginal vs Clitoral

Since most women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and it's very difficult to get direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse, most women do NOT have orgasms through intercourse alone. Manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris is most usually a prerequisite for climax. (Think about it -- could you imagine a man having an orgasm without directly touching his penis? It's possible, but certainly a rare occurrence!) On the other hand, some women do report orgasm from G-Spot stimulation alone.

The clitoris is more sensitive to sexual stimulation than the vagina because there is much greater density of the nerve endings there. The entire area above, to the sides, and below the clitoris is usually highly sensitive to sexual stimulation. (In fact, some women don't like their clitoris to be touched directly; they prefer stimulation around and to the sides of it.) In fact, the clitoris has no other function than to provide a woman with sexual pleasure.

Women often report that there two positions that work well during intercourse to achieve orgasm. One is the doggie position, where the woman is on all-fours and the man enters her from behind. In this position, either partner can use his or her hand to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. The other favored position is the woman-on-top, where she can lean forward toward her partner so that her clitoris can rub against his body. Some women do favor missionary and there are ways to make it even more pleasurable for her.

Remember, a substantial amount of stimulation of the genital area is necessary for a woman to orgasm. The exact area and type of stimulation varies from woman to woman. If two women have the same emotional involvement with the same man, his love-making technique might arouse the first woman, but the same approach might do nothing for the second.
It's important to communicate with your partner in order to get what you need to reach a climax.

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