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Multiple Orgasm

Some women are capable of being stimulated to orgasm again before their resolution phase is complete. While most men need a resting (or refractory) period after orgasm, some women can keep  going! Other women feel complete after one orgasm and are not interested in seconds or thirds. A woman's ability to be multi-orgasmic may also depend on the circumstances of a particular sexual encounter (Is she comfortable with her partner? Does she have enough energy to have more than one? Is the technique working for her? etc.).


What's important is not the number of orgasms, but a woman's own orgasmic pattern and her satisfaction with it. Some women reach orgasm quickly, others more slowly. Many have one strong orgasm, others have many mild ones. And there are a million variations in between. For some women, the first orgasm is the strongest and the rest are milder; for others, it's just the opposite. What really matters is that there is not a whole lot of time spent comparing, but instead that each woman is comfortable with the way her body responds.

Because everyone is so different, it is also unrealistic to expect simultaneous orgasms. If it happens, great. But don't put pressure on yourself or your partner if it doesn't. All that is really important is that you both enjoy yourselves!

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