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Indian Spices
India is the largest producer ,exporter and consumer of spices in the world. India is home to more than 50 varieties of species in its fifteen agro climatic zones from the tropical to the temperate. The total production of spices in india is estimated at 2.7 million tonnes. India exports 0.25 million tonnes of spices to over 150 countries accounting for over 45% of the world spice trade by volume and value.

Pepper is one of the oldest and best-known spices in the world. Indigenous to India pepper is popularly known as the King of Spices. From time immemorial, India has always reigned supreme in the production & export of this most exotic and renowned spice in the world.

Pepper plant is a perennial climber with dark green leaves and spikes of white flowers. The peppercorn is a berry like drupe, about ½ cm in diameter, green when unripe and then red. Black pepper comes from whole fruit, picked just before they are completely ripe and dried.

was introduced in India by the great Portuguese explorer Vasco-da-Gama. The spice chilli blended well in Indian cooking. Chilli became extremely popular in India. The climate in India was favorable to cultivate chillies and soon many varieties of chilli were available in India. Places like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Kashmir became famous for different varieties in chilli. The highly pungent "Sannam" & the mildly pungent 'mundu' chilies are internationally popular varieties. India also offers 'gospurea chilli’. Byadgi chillis are known for its high color value.

Turmeric, the dried rhizome of a herbaceous perennial, is indigenous to Southeast Asia. The primary rhizomes, round in shape are called 'bulbs', while the thin, long secondary rhizomes are 'fingers'.

Plant organs as spices:


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