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Dried coconut contains about 70% of oil. It is extensively used in the preparation of vegetable ghee and margarine. About 73% of coconut oil fatty acids are saturated, which tends to increase plasma cholesterol.
Typhoid fever and other salmonella infections have been traced occasionally to desiccated (contaminated with fungus) coconut
The quantity of groundnut consumed should be increased gradually, otherwise flatulence and intestinal colic may occur.

Beware !
Stored groundnut may be contaminated with the fungus (aspergillus flavus) which produces toxins known as aflatoxins.

There is an increasing fear that aflatoxins contaminated foods may be responsible for human cirrhosis and primary liver cancer. If food highly contaminated with aflatoxins for few days, it produces acute liver toxicity characterised by jaundice, fever, loss of appetite and vomiting; and later by portal hypertension, ascites, and swelling of legs. Ex: Mozambique, liver cancer accounts for 65% of all cancers amongst blacks; their staple diet of groundnut and maize is contaminated with aflatoxin B
Nuts and Dried Fruits
is a fruit; its edible seed  or kernel is enclosed in a hard shell. The common nuts consumed are coconut, groundnut, cashew nut, walnut, almonds and pistachios. They are rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and factors of vitamin B complex. Nuts approach an ideal food by supplying high calories in a palatable form. The large proportion of fat which they contain is surrounded by a compact cellulose matrix.

Common Nuts

  • Coconut ground nut
  • Cashew nut 
  • Walnut
  • Almond
  • Pistachios 

Coconut Consists of an outer husk, middle hard shell, an inner sweet kernel and coconut water. A mature coconut may supply about 1000 kcal. Coconuts provide more calories per acre of lank than any other food.

Groundnut is relatively inexpensive. It has a high content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. Ground nut is palatable and cheap. Served with half to one cup of milk or a tablespoon of milk powder, it can be an excellent source of  food for protein deficient children. 

Cashew nut, walnut, almond and pistachios. These nuts have a high caloric value, but are expensive and so consumed only by the rich 


Name Average portion Weight (g) Protein
Carbohydrates (g) Calories (kcal) Calories (kJ)
Almonds 12-15 15 2.8 8.1 2.9 90 378
Brazil nuts, shelled 4 medium 15 2.2 9.9 1.7 97 407
Butter nuts 4-5 15 3.6 9.2 1.3 96 4.3
Cashew nuts 6-8 15 2.8 7.2 4.1 88 370
Chestnuts, fresh 3 small 15 0.4 0.2 6.2 29 122
Coconut, fresh 1 piece 15 0.5 5.2 2.1 54 227
Coconut water 1 glass 240 0.2 0.2 10.8 46 193
Hazel nuts 10-12 15 1.6 9.5 3.0 97 407
Hickory nuts 15 small 15 2.1 10.1 2.0 101 424
Peanuts (groundnuts), roasted 1 tablespoon 15 4.0 7.0 3.3 86 361
Peanut butter 1 tablespoon 15 3.9 7.2 3.2 86 361
Pistachio nuts 30 15 2.9 8.0 2.8 88 370
Walnuts 8 halves 20 3.2 12.8 3.2 128 538
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