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Please note !
High intake of dietary cholesterol can raise blood cholesterol level in people by about 5 to 10% and subsequent heart disease risk by anywhere from 5 to 15% as egg yolks contain fatty acids and cholesterol. Therefore heart patients to take eggs moderately

Many vegetarians do not object to eating eggs. Non vegetarians usually eat them at breakfast, and use them in preparation of many dishes. Mostly hen eggs are consumed; ducks eggs are eaten less frequently.

Digestion and Absorption

Raw egg
is believed to be more nutritious than cooked egg, but this is not so. Raw albumin contains anti-digestive factors which are destroyed by heating.

Soft boiled and poached eggs are better digested and absorbed than eggs cooked in other ways.

Frying an egg or making an omelette delays its digestion. The yolk is easily digested even by infants.

To kill salmonella, the egg should be boiled for 7 minutes or poached for 5 minutes or each side be fried for 3 minutes.

Composition of egg is influenced by the food of the fowl. The white of the egg constitutes 60%, and the yolk 30% of the total weight.

The white of an egg consists of protein mainly egg albumin. When fresh, it is transparent; it turns milky white on cooking because of coagulation. It contains vitamins of B group.

The yolk of an egg is rich in finally emulsified, easily digestible fat. Carotenoid pigments make the yolk yellow; the yolk also contains protein, and is rich in fat soluble vitamins as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. The yolk is a perfect food and an excellent nutrient for the growth of  organisms.

Do you Know ?
Easy digestibility and complete absorption make eggs the ideal nutritive food for acutely ill and convalescent patients.
  In diseases of gastrointestinal tracks, particularly in diseases of colon, eggs are the best food because of their nutritive value and lack of residue.

Beware !
Patients with diseased gall bladder should avoid egg as the fats in eggs cause contraction of the gall bladder; which may produce pain

Egg is a common allergen, producing asthma. Allergic patients to exercise care not only to exclude eggs, but also egg preparations like biscuits and cakes.

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