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First Aid in Case of External Poisoning

Symptoms : 
1. Rash 
2. Blistering 
3. Swelling 
4. Burning 
5. Itching.

First Aid in case of :-

Treatment : 
1. Remove any contaminated clothing.
2. Wash the affected area of skin thoroughly with soap and cool water to remove any poisonous residue. Be sure the water used to clean the area does not spread poison by running over other parts of your body. Using a washcloth could also spread the poison.
3. Rinse the area with rubbing alcohol.
4. Apply calamine lotion to the area to relieve itching and burning.
5. If the victim develops a fever for several days or experiences an excessive amount of inflammation, irritation, oozing, or itching, he/she should be treated by a doctor.
6. In case the person is lying in an area filled with poisoning gas then firstly take him out of such an area, but you must be careful about yourself before doing this. For this you may even need a respirator. Call immediately for Medical Help

First Aid in case of Internal Poisoning

If the victim consumed solid poison like pills remove them from victims mouth with the help of a cloth rounded your finger, but if victim is infant don't remove it by putting your finger inside cause poison pill may further go down infants mouth. Call immediately for Medical Help.


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