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First Aid in Case of Burns

First Degree Burns :
First degree burns damage the outer layer of skin.

Characteristics :
1. redness
2. mild pain
3. swelling.

First Aid in case of :-

Treatment :
1. Immediately submerge the affected part in cold water.
2. Hold it under cold running water, or place cold, wet cloths on it until the pain decreases.
 3. Cover with a clean, dry gauze dressing for protection.
Second Degree Burns :
Second degree burns go through to the second layer of skin.
Characteristics : 1. blisters 2. rough, red skin 3. swelling 4. extreme pain.
Treatment : 1. Immerse in cold water or have cold, wet cloths applied to it immediately. 2. Gently blot area dry. Do not rub. Rubbing may break the blister, opening it to infection. 3. Cover wound with dry, sterile bandage. 4. If burn is located on arm or leg, keep limb elevated as much as possible.

Third Degree Burns :
Involves all layers of skin
Characteristics : Charred skin and extremely painful
Treatment : Seek immediate medical attention. Never immerse in water. DO NOT remove clothing adhered to wound. Remove other articles of clothing in burned area , including jewelry. Cover entire area with thick sterile dressing.

Chemical, Thermal or Contact Burns : Run cold water over the burn for a minimum of 30 minutes. If the burn is small enough, keep it completely under water. Flushing the burn takes priority over calling for help. Flush the burn FIRST. If the victim's clothing is stuck to the burn, don't try to remove it. Tear or Cut the Cloth from the near of the burn which is not stuck to the burns.Cover the burn with a clean, cotton material. Don't use any other thing than Cotton. Do not apply any soap, ointment, or home remedies. Don't offer the burn victim anything to drink or eat, but keep the victim covered with a blanket to maintain a normal body temperature until medical help arrives.

Electric Shock Burn : Don't touch the victim if he is still in contact of electricity. Touch only then when you are sure that victim is not in contact of electricity. check for any airway obstruction, and to check breathing and circulation. Administer CPR if necessary. Once the victim is stable, begin to run cold water over the burns for a minimum of 30 minutes. Don't move the victim and don't scrub the burns or apply any soap, ointment, or home remedies. After flushing the burn, apply a clean, cotton cloth to the burn. If cotton is not available, don't use anything. Keep the victim warm and still and try to maintain a normal body temperature until medical help arrives.

Heat Stroke or Sun Stroke :Heat stroke is much more serious and occurs when the body's sweat glands have shut down.
Symptoms : Mental confusion, collapse, unconsciousness, fever with dry, mottled skin.
Treatment : A heat stroke victim will die quickly, so don't wait for medical help to arrive--assist immediately. The first thing you can do is move the victim to a cool place out of the sun and begin pouring cool water over the victim. Fan the victim to provide good air circulation until medical help arrives.

Sun Burn :
Treatment : Apply cool compresses to the burned area to reduce pain and swelling, or take a cool shower. If the sunburn involves your back or an area you can't reach, soak in a tub of cool water. Take aspirin or another non-aspirin pain reliever to reduce pain. Apply a thin paste of baking soda and water or calamine lotion to alleviate pain. If blisters form, never break them intentionally. If blisters do break, apply an antibiotic ointment and cover the blisters with a sterile dressing.
Note: Most sunburn is minor, but you should seek medical help if the sunburn is severe, covers more than one-fourth of your body, or involves extensive blistering.

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