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Skipping is the ideal form of exercise at home. A rope of medium thickness about 9 ft long is enough. The ends of the rope are stitched or a knot at the ends to increase durability. If the rope touches the feet while one is skipping, it means the rope is too short, if it touches the ground, it is a bit too long.

For the purpose of weight management, the skipping exercise should be done for a longer period of time with a hop in between-one skip and one jump in a rhythm.

Skipping strengthens the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back and arms with its circular rhythmic movement. It is used for developing many other conditional qualities in addition to endurance, like agility, speed and throwing and jumping power etc.


4 Week Sample Programme for Skipping

The skipping programme, when undertaken in the house should be at a place where the height of the ceiling is more than 10 feet above the ground level. There should no hindrance from any quarter while the exercise being done.

Beginners can skip continuous for 30 to 90 seconds depending upon their capability. This can be done 3 to 4 times with a proper lapse of time in between. The rest period can be reduced slowly as the skipping capacity improves. As one improves, the time for continuous skipping improves along with the number of sets during a training programme. A sample training programme is detailed in Table 16.2 to start with.

A Sample Skipping Programme
Types of Skipping Rest between  Sets Duration  of Exercise No. of   Sets Training in week  Week
Two leg skipping with hop in between 30 sec 30 to 90 sec 3 to 5   5 times 1
Two leg skipping with hop in between 
One leg skipping 
Skipping while running
30 sec 30 to 90 sec   4 to 5 3 to  5 times 2
Two leg skipping with hop
One leg skipping
Skipping while running
Two leg skipping


30 sec 60 to 90 sec 5 3 to 5 times 3
Two legs with a hop in between
One leg skipping
Skipping and running
One leg skipping
30 Sec 300 sec 6 3 to 5 times 4
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