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People who face problems in adopting other forms of exercise because of weak joints and excess body weight can take on cycling as a suitable form of exercise.

Not only does cycling give one an opportunity to enjoy nature in the outskirts of the city, it also involves all the muscles of the legs and strengthens then. The muscles of the upper body and arms are only used to maintain the correct position when cycling. Thereafter, it is advisable to add some exercises for the upper body and arms along with the cycling programme.

 Cycling at full speed on a busy road is risky. A circular road with a few openings should be chosen. Beginners should be careful when taking on a cycling programme. The first few days of cycling can be taken on only for adopting the body to the new regime. This will help in you becoming familiar with the route and the environment. It can even be included into the daily routine. One may use it to get to work or to perform household duties of fetching the required groceries from the market, depositing telephone and electricity bills etc.

Cycling in a leisurely manner may not be of much use. The pulse rate must be brought to the training zone to attain the maximum benefit from exercising. The distance must be measured to calculate the estimated speed. One of the best ways to measure speed is to measure the outer length of the front wheel of the cycle and measure the total distance by measuring marking the wheel with a thread and then multiplying the total rounds of the wheel to know the distance. Now distance is divided with time taken to know the speed. Do not cycle at full speed at the start. Adapt your body to the rhythm for a few minutes before starting the work out.

Calculate the distance as under e.g.

IR = 2.16m

Total Round x2.16m = Total distance covered.

The following programme should be adopted for weight management.

Calories Burnt by Cycling in an Hour

 Weight in Kilogram

Km/H 55 65 75 85 95
9 195 230 265 301 336
10  235  278 321 364 407
15  296 350 403 457 511
20 471 556 642 728 813
30 660 780 900 1020 1140
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