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Sample Diet Plan for a woman suffering from Constipation

Mrs. Verma, wife of a busy executive, is 48 yrs old. She has two grown up children. With adequate household help, she has plenty of time to spare and passes her day meeting friends, watching movies etc. She is a non vegetarian but enjoys eating only chicken and fish. She frequently complains of constipation and headache. A days sample diet is planned for her

Personal Data

Age 46 years
Sex  Female
Activity Sedentary
Socio-economic status  Upper MIG
Food Habits      Non Vegetarian
Pathological condition  Constipation

Recommended Dietary Allowances

Energy 1875 kcal
Protein 50 grams
Iron 30 mg
Fiber (crude) 10-15 grams
Dietary fiber > 40 grams


Meal  Amount Menu
Early morning 1 glass (250 ml) Hot water with lemon juice
Breakfast 1 bowl (30 gms) Wheat dalia
One Boiled egg
Two slices (20 gms tomato and 2 gms of butter) Brown bread (tomato sandwich with butter) 
One (100 gms) Apple or Apricot or stewed figs
1 cup Tea
Lunch 1 bowl (30 grams) Rajma curry
1 bowl (125 gms carrot, 45 gms peas) Carrot and peas vegetable
1 bowl  Spinach raita
Good helping Cucumber & tomato salad
3 to 4 Whole wheat chapattis
Evening Tea 1 cup Coffee 
1 bowlful Guava, papaya, sweet potato and cucumber chaat
Dinner 250 ml Lentil soup
1 bowl Mixed vegetable
! bowl  Cabbage potato vegetable
1 bowl (30 gms) Whole pulse
Good helping Orange and cabbage salad
2 to 3 Chapattis made from brown flour
One and a half bowl cooked Rice 
Before bed 1 cup Mil

# About 8 to 10 glasses of water during the course of the day are recommended

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