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Indiadiets Health Perfect plan
for Weight Loss 
If you were finding it difficult to make your mirror image slimmer, hereís the destination that waits for you.

The Indiadiets Health Perfect Weight Loss Program or IHP personalizes weight lose regime and weight lose diet plan for our potential customers who choose any one of the IHP programs. The IHP Program planned for our clients involve customized diet plan that will provide them with all the important and essential nutrients and at the same time help them to reduce.

How it Works
During the course of program measurements and weight is carefully monitored through a fortnightly feedback on the progress of the program and any queries about the program is answered. Once the client attains ideal body weight, we start them on a maintenance plan to ensure that they donít get tempted and slide back into their old eating habits.

The IHP Program is based on the principle of creation of a negative calorie balance in the body to attain target weight. This means that the body must utilize its, storehouse of energy that has been stored in the form of fat. This is achieved by the simple combination of diet therapy along with some kind of physical activity.
Health Perfect WeightLoss Plan

Salient Features:

  • IHP Weight loss plans helps you to lose your weight in a healthy and natural manner by changing your overall eating and lifestyle pattern so that you may maintain the weight for longer.
    • IHP personalizes the weight lose regime and weight lose diet plan for our potential customers who choose any one of the IHP programs.


    Program Pay in USD Pay in INR
    A (5 weeks + 1 month maintenance)
    B (10 weeks + 2 months maintenance)


    C (15 weeks + 3 months maintenance)
    D (20 weeks + 4 months maintenance)


    •  You Select a program as per the Health Analysis result, give us your details and complete the payment to become our premier customers.

    • The health care team would start working on the information and a dietician will soon be assigned to coordinate with you.

    • IHP customized diet plan will be designed and provided to you within a day or two which will cater to all your body needs for the important and essential nutrients and at the same time help you to reduce.

    • Personalized Fitness Consultation

    • Interactive Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment

    • Be in regular touch with your dietician with just a click or a call.

    • Progress is carefully monitored through a fortnightly feedback.

    • IHP program will include guidelines for weight loss goal, food choices, doís and doníts of weight loss program, exercise routine, and much more.

    • Ayurvedic formulation called HS Trim would be provided additionally for effective weight loss as per customersí requirement for weight loss.

    • On successful completion of the IHP program a free maintenance plan will be started to ensure that you donít get tempted and slide back into your old eating habits.



    "I have been a diabetic for the past six years. In addition to consuming medicines, I had also been avoiding sugar and sweets in any form. Nevertheless my sugar level was not coming down. Now since the time I got a diabetic diet tailored for myself at Indiadiets, my blood sugar has considerably reduced, relieving me of much of my worries. I'm really thankful to Indiadiets for this great service which I could avail sitting in the comforts of my home."
    Mrs Swati Saxena
    44 yrs, Housewife

    " I have been suffering from chronic constipation problem and I had started painfully living with it as I couldn't get any relief even after trying both Allopathic as well as Homeopathic medicines. One of my friend's advised me to get a Diet tailored for my specific needs and life style at Indiadiets. Fortunately I adhered to his advice. To my surprise, it has worked wonders for me. Today when I look back I find that my wrong eating habits were the main culprit for my never ending problem. My total concept of "what to eat and what not to eat" stands changed. All this I owe to the excellent advice and Diet Planning that Indiadiets did for me."
    Mr Vikram Hundal 

    34 yrs, Sr. Architect      
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