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Home remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a metabolic disorder where hair starts thinning, falling, or disappearing. The papilla which is an up-growth at the base of the follicle, actually produces hair when a special group of cells turn amino acids into keratin, a type of protein of which hair is made. The rate of production of these protein 'building blocks' determines hair growth. Hair loss is more common to men than to women.

Hair falls due to genetic reasons, stress, pollution, thyroid imbalance, chemicals in hair styling products and lack of proper nutrition. Home remedies are cheap, natural and without any side effects.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Following are the major hair loss symptoms:
1. Falling of hairs.
2. Thinning of hairs

Causes of Hair Loss:
• Heredity factors
• Inadequate nutrition and improper diet
• Lack of vitamins (specially vitamin B6 and folic acid) in diet
• Prolonged Illness (like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anaemia)
• Stress, worry, anxiety, and sudden shock
• Poor blood circulation
• Unclean condition of the scalp

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss
Following are some of the effective home remedies for hair loss:

• Boil one cup mustard oil with four tablespoon heena (mehendi) leaves. Filter it and keep it in a bottle. Message it on the bald patches regularly. It is very effective natural remedy for baldness.
• Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the head. Leave for at least 40 minutes before washing. Continue it for a month.
• Do a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingers after washing the hair with cold water. It is also a good natural hair loss treatment.
• Rub the bald area with onions till it becomes red. Then apply honey on the bald area. It is very effective natural cure for baldness
• Make a mixture of honey with egg yolk. Properly massage on the scalp and hairs. Leave for a 1/2 hour, then wash.
• A mixture of lemon juice and egg white could also be used to strengthen the roots of hair.
• Prepare a home made shampoo by adding 5 tbsp of curd, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of gram raw (chholia) powder. Apply it on the head for an hour and then wash
• Apply fresh leaf juice of amaranth to the hair. It will help the growth of the hair and keep it soft.
• Apply the white of a raw egg on the hair for 30 minutes, and then wash it off with a shampoo.
• Massage the head with oil for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with a shampoo. A hot oil massage with olive oil will also help.
• Apply a mixture of lemon juice and juice of amla to the scalp. This also helps control dandruff in the hair
• Boil neem leaves in water for an hour and let it cool. Wash the hair with this water. Alternately neem oil can be mixed with coconut oil and massaged where there is hair fall.
• The juice of fresh coriander can be massaged onto the scalp will reduce hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment and Advice
• Include plenty of protein and iron in your diet
• Take mineral supplements like calcium, magnesium, and zinc
• Do not use hair dryers
• Do meditation to reduce stress and tension
• Don’t pull on your hair with a brush or comb when it is wet
• Do not use hair dyes (synthetic hair colors)
• Ensure that you eat nutritious food, with plenty of green and leafy vegetables. Have a soya milk drink and multivitamin tablets if you do not have time to have a healthy breakfast.
• Apply conditioner only to your hair not to the scalp or hair roots. The conditioner could damage your hair. Henna (mehandi) will help control hair loss.
• Try to reduce the stress and tension in your life, learn to relax. Stress causes hair loss.

Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss
• Mix 100 g each of amla (goose berry), reetha, and shikakai and boil in two liters of water till the liquid reduces to half. It is good herbal remedy for hair loss
• Massage the scalp and hair with coconut milk or Aloe Vera gel. Leave it for ½ hour, and then rinse with warm water. Do this thrice a week
• Mix aloe Vera with herbal powder triphala and apply it to the hairs. Continue this for three to six months. New hairs will start growing.

Eat protein at every meal, including breakfast.
Eliminate wheat- and flour-based products for the time being.
Reduce starch to one portion a day, and don't eat that portion during your evening meal.
Apples, pears, plums and berries all are good choices. Bananas are not.
Reduce or eliminate dairy for the time being, especially cow's milk.
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