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Electronic CigarettesĖ a Healthier Alternative to Smoking
Letís do the science. Electronic cigarettes produce a glycol based vapour that feels like smoke, can be made to taste like smoke if you want it to, and delivers a regulated amount of nicotine into your body with each cartridge. The electronic cigarette, in other words, pumps exactly this much stuff into you: nicotine, a few molecules of flavouring, and some harmless glycol vapour.

So whatís in cigarette smoke? There are at least 33 known carcinogens in there, including Acetaldehyde; Benzene; Cadmium; Lead; Formaldehyde; Polonium-210 (yes, thatís right, a radioactive material); and Vinyl Chloride.

In the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes: nicotine, flavouring and glycol vapour.

What else is in cigarette smoke? The electronic cigarette is already 30 substances behind the fag, and only one of those is technically harmful (nicotine). So what else does a good solid puff on a cigarette bring into you, which the electric version does not?

Well, in 1994 (thatís almost 20 years ago, so bear in mind that there are probably even more nasty things than we know about in cigarette smoke), five major tobacco manufacturers published a list of known additives to be found in their product. This list included:

Butyl Acetate (a solvent commonly used when producing nail varnish)

Three variants of Dimethoxybenzene, a compound generally used as building blocks for perfume manufacture

Food starch

Hexanoic acid Ė a fat compound associate with unpleasant odours

Lactic acid

Urea (yes, the chemical contained in urine)

In total, the list comprised 599 additives (i.e. things that had been put in there as well as tobacco). So how many of them are bad for you? Many of them are flavourings and colourings, or odorants. Inhaling most is unlikely to cause you a great deal more trouble than the benzene and cyanide (did we mention that before? Smoke contains both cyanide and arsenic) that youíre already sucking down, but then inhaling food starch and lactic acid hardly sounds like a good idea either.

The electronic cigarette again: glycol vapour; nicotine; flavouring.

Now letís talk about what smoking does to your body. We all know what it does to your lungs (leaves them looking like lumps of road) Ė but what about the rest of you? Remember, electronic cigarettes are so far guilty of one thing and one thing only: containing nicotine, which is mildly poisonous.

Cigarette smoke causes fat deposits to build up in your arteries. Eventually the arteries harden with old encrusted fat, which makes it very hard for the blood to get through. The blood that goes through the smaller arterial passage is forced to travel at high pressure by the closing aperture. So cigarette smoke gives you high blood pressure. The electronic cigarette does not.

Cigarette smoke reduces sperm count. It turns your skin yellow and makes it appear aged before its time. Heavy smoking can cause leathery skin, gum disease and gingivitis. Electronic cigarettes donít.

Now we move onto the big one. The big C as itís called. Cigarette smoking is absolutely known to be a heavy contributing factor in cancerous illnesses, particularly lung cancer. The precise causes of carcinogenic activity are unclear but the gist is simple enough: if you smoke, you are more likely to get lung cancer than if you donít. Medical records kept over the last 30 years or so make that point without needing to say a word.

So. On the one hand, you have cigarettes, which are almost certain, old or young, to heavily increase your chances of getting cancer. They also make it much more likely that you will die of heart disease. On the other, you have the electronic cigarette. The electric cigarette has no carcinogens in it. It doesnít make your arteries fill with fat. It wonít turn your skin leathery or make your teeth fall out. In fact, it wonít do anything at all other than put nicotine in your body Ė which, if you have already smoked, is nothing new.

Nicotine is poisonous, but only mildly (all sorts of things you eat or drink are mildly poisonous, including Angostura Bitters, which has arsenic in it). Cigarette smoke is absolutely lethal. If youíre going to inhale, do it with electronic cigarettes.

Publisher:- Tamara Matthews is associated with various health institutes as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best electronic cigarette companies and is been offering various ways to stop smoking and switch to electric cigarettes.

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