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Getting out of Anorexia Nervosa:

Anorexia nervosa is a type of psychological eating disorder. People with anorexia have an intense fear of becoming overweight because of which they severely limit their food intake and become dangerously thin and weak. Anorexia affects a person both mentally and physically. It may start simply as dieting, but soon it gets out of control. The person starts thinking about food, dieting, weight and about the external appearance all the time. Ultimately the body image gets distorted.

Anorexia usually affects the teenagers and especially girls. Anorexia needs early diagnosis and treatment to get cured without affecting much of the health. But if not treated early, anorexia can become a lifelong problem. Untreated anorexia can lead to starvation and serious health problems, such as osteoporosis, kidney damage, and heart problems or even death. With treatment, a person with anorexia can feel better and stay at a healthy weight.

Anorexia is a complex disorder and the exact cause is still not very clear. A person with family history of anorexia, or extreme stress or anxiety about body size or a person with negativity about life or undergoing through any traumatic situation may suffer from anorexia.

People with anorexia weigh abnormally low, strictly limit their intake of food, exercise a lot and habitually take on vomiting or laxatives or some pills to get rid of the ingested food as soon as possible.

There is no way to prevent anorexia nervosa. The best thing is to identify the potential victims and provide them support and guidance. And if someone is diagnosed of being anorexic should receive treatment then and there. Treatment will require both psychological and dietary counseling and if the body parts have been affected then the treatment might require a doctor as well. Treatment will help the person to gain and maintain normal weight, and to revive the person from his/her present disturbed state.

Some Tips To Combat Anorexia Nervosa:
  • Recognizing early that the eating behavior and thought process are unhealthy is the first step to combat anorexia.
  • One should not ignore the needs and requirements of the body.
  • Avoid all unnecessary worries and negative thinking.
  • Try to be happy in the present life and think positive.
  • If your body is stressed out, give it the time and treatment to relax. Relaxing therapies like meditation or yoga, ayurvedic treatments or even some hobby will make you feel rejuvenated.
  • Stop comparing yourself with the way others look or present themselves. Not all individuals are same and that every person is unique in himself or herself. Try to focus on your strengths.
  • Set realistic goals that are easy to achieve without giving you stress.
  • Take time to nurture yourself with healthy but balanced amount of food, some physical activity like aerobics or dance, a movie, a hot bath, a good parlor treatment or even a special present for yourself.
  • If you are tensed about something, then speak out. Talk to person whom you can trust and who cares for you, may be your mom, dad, sister, teacher or a dear friend.
  • Appreciate your existence and start living your life to the fullest.
  • Indulge in some leisure activities that will calm your mind and make you feel happy.
  • Avoid dieting; instead choose healthy nutritious foods to stay active and fit and not weak.

Eat protein at every meal, including breakfast.
Eliminate wheat- and flour-based products for the time being.
Reduce starch to one portion a day, and don't eat that portion during your evening meal.
Apples, pears, plums and berries all are good choices. Bananas are not.
Reduce or eliminate dairy for the time being, especially cow's milk.
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