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The only way to naturally grow hair
(now available in India also)

Homosan: Natural Hair growth enhancer
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 1 bottle (1month dose)

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Effectiveness of HOMOSAN and indications for its use

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons such as improper nutrition, the intake of various medications or certain medical procedures. Other common hair problems in both men and women can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, frequent blow drying or bleaching with peroxide. In such cases, treatment with HOMOSAN has been found to increase hair growth and the quality of hair in a high percentage of users usually after 3 to 4 months' usage. Treatment time and dosage will vary from one individual to another. In many individuals, striking effects can be found within 6-8 weeks of treatment. However, for the remainder, it is recommended that HOMOSAN be used for a period of 6 months.

HOMOSAN: the latest breakthrough in improving the quality of life!

"HOMOSAN food supplement does for hair what St. John's Wort does for depression, and Viagra does for our sex lives" says Dorothy Payne, the first entrepreneur to bring HOMOSAN to the United States. "It is going to be the answer for many individuals who thought that they had lost the battle for a normal and attractive head of hair!"

How does HOMOSAN react?                                               

In most people, active hair bulbs still exist in the scalp, even after complete or partial hair loss. Hair is made up of the protein keratin that contains a high concentration of particular sulfur-containing amino acids. These amino acids are different from those that make up muscles or other parts of the human body. Excessive hair loss, or thin, weak hair can result from nothing more that a shortage of the basic amino acids that are found in, and are essential for, normal hair growth and development. Obviously, if these essential amino acids critical for normal hair growth are deficient, the new hair becomes weak. The result is hair loss that is not quickly replaced by normal hair growth. It should be noted that even in individuals with "normal" hair growth, the use of HOMOSAN has been found to provide an increase in hair number, tensile strength and overall healthy appearance.

Research that led to the development of HOMOSAN in Europe

The remarkable effectiveness of HOMOSAN for stimulating hair growth was first noted in test animals by the its formulator some 50 years ago. He noted that sheep, after being fed a HOMOSAN supplemented diet for just 2-1/2 months, demonstrated an increase in the weight of their wool by 74% over that normally found in control animals on an otherwise identical diet. In similar experiments on cats, he noted that the hair growth was 2-fold greater than that in the control group animals. These animal studies led to trials on both men and women in Europe to determine its effect on hair growth in humans. First, of all, it was found that HOMOSAN did not have any undesirable side effects on either health or well being. In fact, there were positive effects in terms of accelerated hair growth, smoother skin and stronger finger and toe nails. In more recent years, HOMOSAN has been used by thousands of men, women and children in Europe, North Africa, North and South America. These satisfied users have reported that this revolutionary new hair growth stimulator has produced remarkable results with NO UNDESIRABLE SIDE EFFECTS.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!                                          

Thinning and loss of hair is a personal problem that CAN BE TREATED! You need not ever be embarrassed by this problem any longer.

HOMOSAN - The natural way to stimulate normal hair growth and development

HOMOSAN is a natural food supplement used to stimulate hair growth and development in men, women and children in Europe for over 25 years.  It is also available to consumers in the United States. It is manufactured and has been thoroughly tested by the Sanfarm pharmaceutical firm in Switzerland. Many studies on men and women all over Europe have demonstrated that its use results in an increase in the number and strength of individual hairs and also may enhance normal pigmentation. Keratin is usually an insoluble protein that forms the principle matter of both hair and fingernails. However, in the preparation of the HOMOSAN formulation, a special secret process is used to enhance the solubility and bio-assimilation of keratin - its active ingredient.

Homosan: Natural Hair growth enhancer

Homosan: Natural Hair growth enhancer



Results experienced after use of HOMOSAN for 4 months.

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