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HS TRIM- Slimming & Weight Loss Supplement
The only natural Product that Slims and Shapes up your figure in a matter of days

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INR 2645.00 / US $42.66 each
  1 bottle (60 Caps)

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HS TRIM belongs to the category: Weight Loss Supplement
  Dexatrim/Acutrim Xenical HS TRIM
Active Ingredient  Phenylpropanolamine  Orlistat  All Natural Slimming & Shaping
Availability  Over the Counter  By Prescription  No Prescription required
Side Effects - Increased risk of stroke
- Elevated blood pressure
- Dry mouth
- Nervousness
- Nausea
- Insomnia
- Headaches
- Potentially addictive
- Oily spotting
- Gas 
- Urgent need to go to the bathroom 
- Oily or fatty stools. 
- Oily discharge 
- Increase number of bowel movements 
- Inability to control bowel movements
- Interferes with absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K
 No known side effects
Additional Benefits  None  None

- Lowers cholesterol & Triglyceride levels 
- Reduces Sugar craving
- Regulates Fatty Acids
- Improves digestion 
- Betters intestinal health 
- Is Anti-gastritis 
- Is Anti-diarrhoeal 
- Lowers uric acid in the blood

Buy HS TRIM capsules through our Online Health Products Store. In some countries HS TRIM CAPSULES may also be known as: HS INSTA TRIM

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