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Cucumber salad-
Cucumber salad is a simple dish to make. And here is the proof that not all Thai dishes are hot.

Servings: 2
Prep Time:
15 min
       Ingredients How to?

  •  2 tablespoon fish sauce
  •  2 sliced green onion
  •  1/2 sliced 1 in inch lengths onion
  •  1 tablespoon sugar
  •  2 tablespoon vegetable oil
  •  2 tablespoon vinegar
  •  1 sliced cucumber
  •  1 egg Optional

Tips and Techniques: This dish can be made vegetarian by omitting egg and fish sauce. Substitute fish sauce with soy sauce.

  • If you are including egg, fry the egg until the white part is crispy. A wok is best for frying an egg. All the oil is pooled in the center. You do not need to put more oil than necessary. Splash the top of the egg with oil. Flip the egg when the bottom part is golden brown. When done, drain the oil. Cut the egg into small, bite size pieces.
  • Cut up the veggies and mix everything together. When you taste it, you should be able to taste all three flavors: fish sauce, vinegar and sugar.
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